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DC即將推出自家的串流影音平台,定名為「DC Universe」,未來計畫推出一系列的原創影集,改編DC漫畫的《末日巡邏隊》(Doom Patrol)就是其中一部,今日(9)美媒證實,官方已經確認了飾演「鋼骨」(Cyborg)的演員人選!

25歲來自英國的演員 喬伊萬韋德(Joivan Wade)曾演過電影《殺戮元年》,之前多在英國演出電視劇,這次他確定加入影集《末日巡邏隊》以常規演員的身分成為新任「鋼骨」。

Wow This is a huge moment for me, Thank you Lord God, You have always guided me, You have given me the tools to live out my purpose and Destiny and placed an amazing team around me to help facilitate it. Setting out on this journey now 10 years ago from my first day at BRIT Until now, It’s been such a rollercoaster to say the least, hot tea & pot noodles to keep me going while borrowing space @ Royal festival hall to create Mandem on the wall Episodes which @percelleascott & @deekaate know too well. Having a dream of being in Hollywood and performing at the highest level with creative peers and productions that will challenge me and force me to grow. That was always my hearts desire But God had other plans, “ not yet” he said. “I need something from you first” so I was obedient & did just that forcing myself not to take roles that would take me out for too long, dedicating years of my time to build my company @Thewallofcomedy & trying to serve other creatives who I was given the amazing opportunity to help. I grew to love it so much,at times even more than acting. But still Many a times wishing I Was given the opportunity to play out both hearts desire but knowing that my purpose is much more important. I would always hear, “yes you will but first build this...” not for yourself but for others. While i looked amongst my peers and saw the progression, but stayed focused on my timing & Destiny, everyone has a vision and a dream, & the biggest question I asked myself was if I accomplish what I want who does it serve most? Myself or others? This is something I believe we should all ourselves as moving humanity forward is the end game. To serve. I thank God for those who have taken they’re time out to help build Gods vision and help serve my purpose, My Agents, Managers, Legal team, @davidrapaport and My soldiers who have helped me to build my company from the ground up. You know who you are, and words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for you all. My Family I love you dearly & thank you for keeping me grounded and installing the morals, ethics & character that make me who I am today. MUM! I’m a superhero! #Cyborg #DoomPatrol #DCUniverse #Netflix #2019

Joivan Wade(@joivan_wade)分享的貼文 於 張貼

「鋼骨」本名為「維克多史東」(Victor Stone)影集設定為迷人又具有諷刺感的半人半機械英雄,可能可以和全世界的電腦連結,不過他仍努力維持人性的那一面,因為迫切想要得到其他人的認可,他控制自己被詛咒的生化人身軀,利用他的力量成為數位時代的終極英雄。

「鋼骨」最新一次出現在電影《正義聯盟》(Justice League)由雷費雪(Ray Fisher)飾演,《陰屍路》凱里佩頓(Khary Payton)也曾為動畫版的「鋼骨」配音。

《末日巡邏隊》聚焦一個超級英雄團體,其成員有「機甲人」(Robotman)、「底片人」(Negative Man)、「彈力女孩」(Elasti-Girl)與「瘋狂珍」(Crazy Jane),他們都曾遭受恐怖的變故,因而得到超能力,但也身心留下創傷,瘋狂科學家「奈爾斯考爾德博士」(Dr. Niles Caulder)將他們集結在一起,調查周圍正在發生的詭異現象,並保護地球免受其害。影集《泰坦》事件後,「鋼骨」會給他們一個難以拒絕的任務,同時也警告他們,生活從此會有天翻地覆的改變。

《末日巡邏隊》由《超自然檔案》編劇 傑瑞米卡佛(Jeremy Carver)開發劇本,DC娛樂總裁與CW電視台DC英雄影集系列製作人 格裏格伯蘭蒂(Greg Berlanti)共同擔任此劇的執行製作人,預計下半年開始進行製作,串流影音平台「DC Universe」會於今年先推出新的DC英雄影集《泰坦》(Titans),明年2019年播出《末日巡邏隊》。